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To install as a patch, simply extract and replace your existing files, or follow the Guided Installation Steps for a fresh install.


Campaign Mod
  • Normal Difficulty completion achievement is now awarded if player has completed it in Hard difficulty as well (Applies to current owners of the achievement)


  • Gates no longer have a minimap radius
  • Mineral elevator blocker no longer has a minimap radius
  • Out of camera mineral elevator ping is no longer shown during the final holdout


End of Innocence
  • Audiolog 3 and 4 are now saved properly for the player
  • Removed circle minimap pings from heroes
  • Replaced a Terran beacon with the UPL beacon


10-91 Echo
  • A duplicate Darrens is no longer visible during the blimp section


Outpost 497
  • Transport Overlords are no longer selectable
  • Fixed a couple instances where Sergeant Peters lines were named “Sergeant”
  • Terrain of the sewer is now hidden properly after leaving the sewers
  • Tweaked the terrain to allow for visibility of the Guardians attacking the SWAT Van
  • Tweaked the water level to not obscure smaller units as much
  • SWAT Van is no longer treated as an enemy


Clean and Sweep
  • Added new behaviors to the Champion Overlord
  • Trenchard Death sound is no longer cut off
  • Toombs Death sound is no longer cut off
  • Minor tweaks to the Trenchard death scene
  • Fixed Champion Overlord AI not using it’s abilities properly
  • Cleaned up remaining units after the Capitol Holdout
  • Tweaked the map to prevent geometry clipping
  • Tweaked Champion HP in Hard Mode


Payback Time
  • Fixed Mission Music not being muted correctly


    Pyrrhic Victory
    • Mortar troopers during the cinematic now correctly display their white color
    • Tweaked the pathing near the edges of the water
    • The Hive and Eggs are now targetable properly during the Bleeder Section


    • Hazmats and the APC are now targeted by the Zerg
    • Tweaked the map terrain to hide the prison section during the Intro Cinematic
    • Definitely Added Sandbags


    • Champion Zergling will now correctly split and revive
    • Removed random guardians from the Ending Cinematic
    • Removed units spawning out of the map bounds north of the player Base


    The Gatekeepers
    • Intro Mining drone is no longer idle
    • Added additional conditions to prevent erroneous nydus spawns
    • Missiles can no longer be counted towards the cave objective


    Abandon Hope
    • Paralzying Spore Reticle is now removed properly
    • Mortar troopers now properly display their white colors
    • Minor Tweaks to the ending cinematic
    • Ship alarm now properly plays if Mission Music is disabled


    With a Whimper
    • Rescuable Units are no longer named “Denise Allistair”
    • Roach sounds are now properly stopped after the Office Cinematic
    • Hero bars are now displayed properly after the Office Cinematic
    • Zerg patrols will now correctly loop back to their starting points