YES NO Welcome Commander, let's begin Do you have StarCraft II installed? DOWNLOAD FROM BATTLE.NET OK, IT'S INSTALLED NOW Really? Okay, well it's free.
Let's download it from to get started
DOWNLOAD MAP FILES First up, download the required files for UED: First Light CONTINUE MOD FILES (Part 1) << Back MOD FILES (Part 2) Now navigate to your StarCraft II Installation folder I'M THERE If you don't know where this is, you can select "Show in Explorer" in the cog menu in << Back One named "Maps" and one named "Mods" FOLDERS READY Now create two folders in the StarCraft II directory << Back Extract the contents of into the Maps folder FILES DEPLOYED Check that the map files now appear in
StarCraft II > Maps > UEDFL
Extract the contents of both UEDFL_Mods files into the Mods folder Check that mod files now appear in
StarCraft II > Mods
<< Back
You're ready to enter the battlefield Select "Open With" and then "Select Another App" GIVE 'EM HELL To run UED: First Light, right click on
UEDFL_Launcher in the UEDFL Maps directory
Browse to find the program SC2Switcher_x64
in the folder StarCraft II > Support64
Next time you want to play, just select
SC2Switcher from the "Open With" menu
(Click for Alternative Method)
Guide built by Monocosm

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