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To install as a patch, simply extract and replace your existing files, or follow the Guided Installation Steps for a fresh install.


Brand new Auto-Save System
  • Autosaves exist on checkpoints throughout the campaign removing some of the strain of quicksave
  • If at any point a save with the same name is encountered the game will ask you to replace a file


10 New Mission Mastery Achievements
  • They are hidden by default and are only visible after unlocking all 3 base achievements, however you can still earn them without having achieved all previous 3


8 New completion Achievements
  • To display your prowess when completing different aspects of the campaign and it’s challenges


3 New Codex Achievements
  • Data Chips are now tracked per mission and count towards new achievements


Updated Help Panel
  • Full UPL Tech tree is now on display for reference
  • Relevant mission units are shown in the unit sections


Added New Minimap Icons
  • Icons for heroes
  • Grenade pickups
  • Prologue Mineral Elevators


Improvements to the Archives
  • Players can no longer receive a mission time when cheating
  • Mission times are now tracked properly
  • Missing lore is now shown in the archives
  • Pre-1.5 Mission times are wiped to accommodate the new system


End of Innocence
  • Fixed Alton Peters Rust Bomb not being able to target destructible rocks
  • Fixed issue where rescued units would not move to Hobbes hold out section
  • Reduced the time when lowered acid water sections would become safe to traverse again


10-91 Echo
  • Reduced APC size so it can go up & down ramps
  • Fixed possible softlock issue when losing control of Denise
  • Added blockers to prevent cheese spot during Behemoth champion fight
  • Fixed issue where player would retain vision UPL infantry units after Behemoth Champion fight


Outpost 497
  • Fixed issue where Mortars would turn blue team color after roadblock cinematic


Clean and Sweep
  • Fixed issue where mining drones would stop mining after cinematics


Pyrrhic Victory
  • Fixed softlock issue when managing to defend the initial base


  • All cutscenes now skippable
  • Added Sandbags


  • Final cinematic now skippable
  • Fixed a bug that would remove Slohr from the final fight
  • Fixed a bug that would permanently kill the Gladiator


  • Fixed an issue where Overlords would not drop their cargo sometimes


Abandon Hope
  • Halved air upgrade research times on “Abandon Hope”
  • Fixed burrowed Ultralisks having 2 frenzied icons
  • Fixed Ultralisk build showing strain variants


With a Whimper
  • Final cinematic now skippable
  • Ultralisks are now spawned earlier before the final beacon
  • Reinforcement scene will no longer play during cutscenes


Mod Changes
  • Command Link now gives +2 range to mech units as well
  • Updated Command Link behavior tooltip
  • Z1’s Badger Bomb can now be casted from Jerico’s command card aswell
  • Added missing Unified command cards for some missions
  • Added range indicator when placing Comm Station
  • Added new achievement icons
  • Updated outdated mission loading & restart tips
  • Removed FOB requirement when building Raptor Jet’s & Condors
  • Heroes now share their abilities in the Command Card


Mod Fixes
  • Fixed targeting splats not displaying affected targets for some abilities
  • Fixed missing range indicator for various abilities
  • Fixed Roachling UPL name using plural
  • Fixed buildings subgroup priority issues
  • Fixed Defiler carapace upgrade icon issues
  • Fixed Exhumer not playing its depletion state animation
  • Fixed issue Airstrip incorrectly giving Manufacturing Facility tech
  • Fixed issue R&D Facility incorrectly giving FOB tech