Published by Chonky Kat in the official Discord


Prologue – Routhe
  • Prologue map now has lower gravity for death ragdolls
  • Boss CARR on prologue no longer regenerates life slowly, instead, if left alone for period of time it will heal to full life
  • Fixed issue on Routhe tower cinematic, unarmed civilians dying with weapons.
  • Fixed CARR not playing grenade launch & impact sounds
  • Added Restart mission loading screen text
  • Protoss units now unselectable


End of Innocence
  • Turrets are no longer referred to by their SC2 Name
  • Updated Lilly Rollins Heal ability name
  • Fixed Lore Found statistic displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed Generators using wrong textures
  • Updated Rand Grenade Tip to indicate limited use count
  • Fixed selection not clearing when switching between Peters & Rollins


10-91 Echo
  • Added skin for Champion Ultralisk
  • Champion Ultralisk can now walk through small units
  • Removed no movement requirement from APC Deploy ability.
  • Increased APC Life 150 -> 175
  • APC now has targeting & range visuals for Smoke Grenade
  • Increased APC Subgroup priority
  • Updated Darren Riot Shield to not mention disabled attack
  • Neutral vehicles no longer movable by the player
  • Fixed issue where player could block Denise from entering the police station
  • Fixed issues where units would resume orders after cinematics


Outpost 497
  • Fixed terrain issue showing gaps on non pathable areas


Clean and Sweep
  • Zerg units now upgrade their weapons and armor
  • Wave size has been increased during the capitol holdout
  • Gas has been reduced during the gas station
  • Wave count has been slightly increased during the gas station
  • “Fill ‘er up, Please” achievement requirement has been reduced
  • News Cast is no longer cut short


Payback Time
  • Comm Station now available to build
  • Fixed bonus objective destructible rocks mentioning ‘Aiur’
  • Tweaked mineral & exhumer placements


Pyrrhic Victory
  • Comm Station now available to build
  • Fixed issue where Roach air units were receiving double upgrades
  • Tweaked the air Pathing on Pyrrhic victory on areas with bugged height near the mountains


  • Fixed issue on VIP Prison section, Low shader graphics being completely black, during blackout section
  • Reduced the frequency of alerts
  • Removed sandbags


  • Fixed issue on August completing the objective earlier than intended
  • Fixed issue on August displaying an erroneous objective count
  • Added skin for Champion Zerglings
  • Tweaked the air Pathing on August to prevent condors from spawning outside map bounds
  • Spec Ops units returning from the Boss Fight now have claymores in August
  • Removed unkillable zerg units from nuke scene in August
  • Player can no longer bring Mining Drones to the crater section
  • Corrected intro cinematic Condor movement speed to match intro timing.


  • Fixed Lower Queen not having a life bar
  • Fixed CARR not being able to be rebuilt
  • Fixed initial nydus not spawning


Abandon Hope
  • Fixed issue not being able to change hotkeys for Defiler
  • Corrected Defiler Consume ability description
  • Fixed issue with “Conserve Biomass” achievement
  • Upgrades now finish twice as fast
  • Spine & Spore Crawlers now unrootable
  • Increased Hatchery, Spine & Spore Biomass costs by 1


With a Whimper
  • Corrected SCOUT facing in With a Whimper final cinematic
  • Fixed “Gotta Keep What’s Left of Us” achievement not awarding correctly
  • Fixed Claymore placement visual triggering Zergling unburrows


Mod Changes
  • Lore pickup window now has scrollbar
  • Added difficulty pulldown in the launcher when continuing campaign
  • Hazmat Technician no longer affected by infantry armor upgrades
  • Comm Station max energy 150 -> 200, starting energy 150 -> 50
  • Command Link Buff Duration 25 -> 28
  • Command Link now increases energy regeneration
  • CSV Starting energy 250 -> 50, Maximum energy 250 -> 200, energy Regen 0.75 -> 0.5625
  • Supply Line Management now increases CSV’s starting, maximum energy and energy regen rate by 25%
  • Raptor Jet Starting Energy 75 -> 50
  • Raptor Jet can now launch Scatter Bombs while moving
  • Increased Raptor Jet Scatter Bomb energy cost 50 -> 75
  • Increased Raptor Jet Scatter Bomb damage 35 (+20 vs. Structures) -> 55 (+50 vs. Structures)
  • Reduced Raptor Jet Scatter Bomb Cooldown 1 -> 0; Range 8 -> 6
  • Slightly increased Raptor Jet Scatter Bomb missile speeds
  • Rifle Range upgrade Research time 150 -> 110
  • Mortar Range upgrade Research time 150 -> 120
  • Nano Flak upgrade Research time 150 -> 140
  • Unobtanium Armor Plating upgrade Research time 150 -> 110; Mineral cost 175 -> 150
  • Condor Mineral cost 200 -> 175
  • Condor Enhanced Cargo upgrade Mineral cost 200 -> 150; Research time 120 -> 100
  • CSV Personnel Carrier upgrade Mineral cost 175 -> 150
  • Metamateria Coating upgrade Mineral cost 175 -> 125; Research time 150 -> 90
  • Grenade pickups now have minimap icons
  • Reduced Jerico’s Jump Jet cast time 2.5 -> 1.5
  • Hero glows, officer inspiration splats & CSV’s Buff now hidden during cinematics
  • Updated Detonate tooltip
  • Updated Z1 Shield tooltip to indicate disabled weapon
  • Added UPL names for Roachling and Broodling


Mod Fixes
  • Fixed Civilians & Police Officers death models not playing on Reduced Violence setting
  • Fixed issue where Rocket Trooper Ready sound was getting cut off
  • Fixed Command Link ability not being able to target CSV’s, landed Condors and Ospreys
  • Fixed Police Cruiser, APC & Swat van fleeing when attacked
  • Fixed Civilians & Police Officers death models not playing on Reduced Violence setting
  • Fixed issue CSV’s not sometimes being able to apply Supply Line Management buff correctly
  • Fixed CARR Illumination not being able to target up or down cliffs despite having vision.
  • Fixed animation issues when landing with Jerico’s Jump Jet
  • Fixed issue when trying to build in black mask vision, giving a SCV build error
  • Fixed exhumer exhausted alert to indicate fluorite deposit
  • Fixed CARR, Officer button names to indicate building/training
  • Fixed Roach units having their original descriptions & life armor names
  • Fixed Transport Overlord’s not having correct UPL name