Published by Chonky Kat in the official Discord


  • Fixed Appearing Tram on Prologue
  • Added Lore Count on Score Screen
  • Fixed an instance that would allow the player to pickup ammonia tanks from the same spot more than once in Outpost 497
  • CARR hero bar is no longer displayed while in the sewers in Outpost 497
  • Checkpoints no longer flash more than once while going in a hiding spot on


10-91 Echo
  • Removed a revealer showing part of the Mayor section on the Minimap
  • Fixed game breaking bug where you could load Davis into the APC
  • Fixed Flickering Boss Bar
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to activate the Beacon on the Francine Facility


Clean and Sweep
  • Fixed erroneous portrait displays during Trenchard’s cinematic as well as the Escape section


With a Whimper
  • Scout no longer disappears during ending cutscene


  • Added Lore Counter
  • Fixed a bug that would lock progression if the player started the prologue midway during their First Light Playthrough
  • Mission count on First Light Chapter no longer counts the prologue toward the total


  • Fixed a couple heroic units not being affected by Upgrades
  • Fixed some erroneous tooltips