Composer of the UED: First Light original score, Zac Tiessen has now officially released the soundtrack on various streaming services. The OST is critical component of what makes the UEDFL campaign an atmospheric and engrossing experience, evoking feelings of confusion, tension, urgency, progress, hopelessness, and triumph.

Follow a link below to listen to the album “Supernova” on your platform of choice.


Listen to the UED: First Light Soundtrack “Supernova”:


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UED: First Light Original Soundtrack Supernova by Zac Tiessen

Track List:

  1. Supernova
  2. Orion
  3. Fight for Justice
  4. New Dawn
  5. No Going Back
  6. Let There Be Light
  7. Beyond The Barricade
  8. Battle Plan
  9. Surprise Ambush
  10. Strike Back
  11. Psionic Presence
  12. Into the Void
  13. Storm on the Horizon
  14. Strength in Numbers
  15. Final Resistance
  16. Setting Sun


Soundtrack Credits

All music composed and produced by Zac Tiessen for NexusCore Games UED: First Light

Zac Tiessen: 8-string electric guitars & classical guitars, cylindrical bass, piano, synths, percussion, orchestration

Featured Musicians:

Vocals – Julie Elven (League of Legends, Horizon Forbidden West)
Strings – Yoed Nir (Regina Spektor)

Mixed and Mastered at ZT Music Studio