Published by The Oracle in the official Discord


  • Corrected a small number of error & tooltip messages
  • Unified command card for some maps and hero / unit selections (QoL)
  • Corrected some stats on victory screens for certain maps
  • Prevent launcher archive button from being disabled for some players
  • Final mission no longer tries to open mission 12 (first mission of next campaign release)
  • Added some missing icons for different unit abilities
  • Addressed instance where SC2 adjutant sound would play when Condors or Ospreys attempted to land in a bad zone
  • Fixed an issue where some zerg units did not bear the UPL designations



  • CSV infantry heal cost (energy) is halved vs mechanicals
  • CSV repair now targets correctly if chosen
  • CSV now able to load and unload infantry while deployed
  • CSV, Landed Condor, and Landed Osprey now have rally points
  • HazMat technician (campaign unit) now has Scan/Move
  • Cargo in Landed Condors and Ospreys now stays alive when the ships are destroyed
  • Headquarters now has a separate rally point for CARR vs mining drones
  • Loaded CSVs can no longer be added as cargo to a Condor


Mission 1 (End of Innocence):

  • Mission boss hit points decreased / difficulty increased
  • Addressed issue where player could prevent certain scripted sections from functioning properly


Mission 2 (10-91 Echo):

  • Some encounters reduced in length
  • Darren Rodgers is now a controllable hero unit with voice lines


Mission 3 (Outpost 497):

  • Additional voice lines added
  • Brightened lighting and contrast in both the sewer and outdoors sections


Mission 4 (Clean and Sweep):

  • Addressed issue with a doodad not appearing correctly in all situations
  • News segment (5 minute audio interviews) now plays on victory screen vs during the mission
  • Z1 Battle suits no longer have access to abilities on this mission
  • Some quality of life improvements


Mission 5 (Payback Time):

  • Achievement for Badger Bomb will function correctly


Mission 7 (VIP):

  • Resolved issue in which lore panel would not appear when Info Chip acquired


Mission 9 (Gatekeepers):

  • Fixed an issue where Nydus Worm positions would not coincide with pings on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue that in certain circumstances results in defeat incorrectly in the cave section
  • Fixed an issue in which the acquired nuclear weapon UI appears on the victory screen
  • Adjusted rate of queen spawns and timing
  • Adjusted latency associated with queens’ expanding buff of zerg forces
  • More Nydus worms will appear
  • Enemy units will no longer be path blocked due to vision acquisition of some high ground areas
  • Cargo units will no longer become invulnerable if moved over the location of the cave entrance


Mission 10 (Abandon Hope):

  • Fixed an issue where final news report is no longer cut off on the victory screen